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Investing in human rights aims to develop civil society institutions in Palestine at both the administrative and operational levels, managing resources, especially human resources. This is achieved through various official and unofficial meetings, as well as workshops and activities related to human rights issues. The targeted and beneficiary group of this project is grassroots institutions in Palestinian society. These institutions and their teams will be trained, educated, and raised awareness on human rights, culture, management, and decision-making. The goal is to make them well-prepared to serve as a protective shield for the dignity of the Palestinian individual.

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Why Investment in Human Rights?

Generally speaking, the main problem that Palestinians are dealing with is with no doubt about the Israeli illegal colonization of the land and the mind. Which creates a lot of problems that each and every Palestinian individual has to deal with. Let alone the fact that the Palestinian Authority is lacking the mechanisms of applying, fulfilling, and protecting the human rights of their people in laws, practices, and legislation. In addition, civil society organizations are also lacking capacities in establishing lobbying and advocacy campaigns that are strong enough to put pressure on official bodies, decision-makers and the international community. When resolved, CBOs and grassroots will be able to ensure the process of protecting, fulfilling and respecting human rights in Palestine. 

The problem applies also to civil society organizations and not only to individuals in Palestinian society, by which the Israeli colonization is violating Palestinian NGOs and shutting them down from being the voice of their muted people, documenting the oppression and calling for their rights.

From human rights approach, the problem that afflicts the Palestinian Community is partly a consequence of the lack of a national methodology to apply and protect the human rights of the Palestinian people. Let alone the fact that there are more than 131 resolutions by the United Nations that are ignored and disrespected. Power structures, International Community, and The Palestinian Authority, should join efforts and cooperate to establish mechanisms and procedures for monitoring the implementation of human rights

Besides, international cooperation is needed to develop rules to make the Israeli colonization responsible for human rights violations against Palestinian.

Therefore, Investment in Human Rights aims to assure the complete protection of Palestinian individuals, groups, areas, and civil society organizations, reaching a place where all human rights are respected, protected, fulfilled, and implemented against violations from all sorts.

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The Best Results to achieve

The organizational capacities of grassroots organizations are sufficient and adequate to fulfill their missions

Palestinian organizations will become a source of information

Local organizations and networks in Palestine will promote change; influence legislative networks and place issues and demands in an articulated way

Partner organizations, local organizations and networks promote change, influence legislative frameworks and place issues and demands in an articulated way related to the rights of peasants, women, indigenous peoples and human rights defenders on the political agenda.

The organizational capacities of grassroots organizations are sufficient and adequate to fulfill their missions

investment in human rights education empowers Palestinians to advocate for their rights.